Feedlot Program

ARPA is coordinating a planned feedlot program for Red Poll steers. A feedlot has been located that is willing to cooperate.  We are striving to gauge the amount of interest there is.


  • To evaluate Red Poll steers in a commercial feedlot
  • To obtain carcass data
  • To allow Red Poll breeders the ability to present unbiased facts about Red Polls in a commercial feedlot

Basic Information:

Starting date: October 2018
Preferred weight: 500-600#
Retain ownership- monthly bill for feed and yardage
Preconditioned (vac and feedbunk adjusted)- this should minimalize problems at feedlot

Interested? We need to know if there is enough interest in pursuing this endeavor. So please contact Kyle or Dan.

Contact Information:

Kyle Young: 502-321-9892

Dan Schmiesing: 419-925-4883 or 419-953-6363