Connors College Bull Test

ARPA members in the west and south will be participating in the Connors College Bull Test .The Bull Testing and Sale Facility is located on the campus of Connors State College in Warner, OK.

The Connors State College (CSC) Bull Test was initiated by Agriculture Instructor Robert Hodges in 1961. The bull sale was a victim of the severe crash in the cattle market in the early 1970s and was discontinued in 1974. In 1977, Gary Harding was hired to lead the Agriculture Department and restart the bull testing program. The 1977 test and sale consisted of only 26 bulls. The second test under Harding’s guidance included 45 bulls but there was an ice storm the day of the sale and the auctioneer, Col. Holland Jester wrecked his car on the way to the sale. CSC began conducting two tests and sales annually beginning in 1979. Col. Bruce Brooks of Marietta, OK has sold every sale since.

The Connors State College Bull Test Station meets the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) definition as a central bull test station as a facility where bulls from different herds are assembled to evaluate performance under uniform conditions. Specifically, the CSC Bull Test Station functions to:

o • Evaluate bulls for post weaning performance
o • Educate seedstock producers and commercial cattlemen about the value and utilization of performance records and
expected progeny differences (EPDs)
o • Provide a source of and market for performance tested bulls
o • Provide an opportunity for new breeders to introduce their breeding programs to potential customers

Both Fall and Spring test are 112 days in length. The bulls will be fed a complete growing-finishing ration free choice
designed to allow for maximum growth, but not intended to over-finish fast gaining bulls. Course grass hay will also be available to the bulls throughout the test. The bulls will be weighed every 28 days.

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