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Pure beef cattle breeds exist and thrive only to the extent that they can produce profits for their owners, across many environments, many markets and changing times. Since the development of the commercial beef industry in the United States, many breeds have come and gone; been the “keystones” of the industry and then faded away into obscurity.

Long term profitability is rare in the US beef industry. Red Poll cattle have been profitable for their owners ever since first arriving in the United States in 1873. For over 137 years, Red Polls have been working and profiting on America’s Family Farms.

Many of today’s Red Poll breeders are the third, fourth and fifth generations in their families to raise, promote, develop and market Red Poll cattle; a stunning testament to the profitability, consistency and longevity of the Red Poll breed.

If you are tired of chasing the fads and watching your profits dwindle, or if you are looking for long term profitability and sustainability, whether in the commercial beef market or one of the high premium alternative markets, we invite you to take a look at American Red Poll cattle –

The Natural Alternative!

Red Poll Breeders have the opportunity to participate in a Bull Test at the Connors State College in Oklahoma.  If you are interested in more information on this opportunity, be sure to click on the link below.

Connors State College Bull Test

Feedlot Program